Annali d’Italia


Annali d’Italia

Annali d’Italia (Italy’s scientific journal) is a peer-reviewed European journal covering top themes and problems in various fields of science.

The journal offers authors the opportunity to make their research accessible to everyone, opening their work to a wider audience.

Benefits for Authors

We provide many authors benefits, such as free PDFs, liberal copyright policies, and more.

European journal

European – means a multicultural look; it means valid comparisons and useful scientific contradictions that go beyond national borders.

Interdisciplinary journal

The journal aims to promote the free exchange of information between researchers, as a forum for constructive debate and discussion of questions, both theoretical and applied research.

We try to be flexible with new scientific articles, even if they are not directly related to scientific research. However, authors must ensure that articles contain a significant contribution to science before submitting them for review.

How to publish an article:

Step 1

Author registration

The author needs to fill out a questionnaire on our website. This is necessary to more accurately determine the scientific section of the journal in which the article will be posted.

Step 2

Article review

After filling in the questionnaire, the author sends the article for review. The review process can take from one hour to one day, depending on the load of members of the editorial board and independent experts

Step 3

Payment for publication

After receiving information about the admission of the article to publication, the author must pay for the publication on the site, or with the help of bank details, which will be sent by the journals secretary and send a copy of the payment receipt.

Published an article in the journal, you get:

  • Open access
    The magazine has open access, which guarantees free reading of articles.
  • Copyright
    Authors retain a number of copyrights, and we offer a liberal copyright policy. We will also protect copyright and legal information.
  • Visibility and Citation
    Articles will be posted on world sites, in databases and indexes.