Annali d’Italia


Annali d’Italia

Annali d’Italia is a well-known European scientific journal that undergoes a rigorous peer-review process. It covers a broad range of topics and issues in different scientific fields, including natural sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. 

The journal aims to provide a platform for researchers to present their findings and share their knowledge with a global audience. 

By publishing in Annali d’Italia, authors can increase the visibility and impact of their research, reaching a wider readership and contributing to the advancement of their respective fields. 

Additionally, the journal encourages open access, making research articles available to everyone regardless of their location or affiliation.

Benefits for Authors

At our publishing company, we offer numerous benefits to our authors. These benefits include free PDF copies of their published articles, flexible copyright policies, and various other perks.

European journal

European – means a multicultural look; it means valid comparisons and useful scientific contradictions that go beyond national borders.

Interdisciplinary journal

The primary goal of the journal is to encourage the unrestricted sharing of knowledge among scholars, serving as a platform for productive dialogue and the exploration of both theoretical and practical research questions. It seeks to foster a culture of constructive debate and discussion.

We are committed to being accommodating towards new scientific articles, even if they do not pertain directly to scientific research. However, authors are expected to ensure that their articles make a noteworthy contribution to science before submitting them for review. We believe that all knowledge, no matter how seemingly unrelated, has the potential to contribute to the advancement of science in some way, and we are always eager to explore new ideas and perspectives. Therefore, we encourage all authors to submit their work, and we will do our best to evaluate it thoroughly and fairly. Our ultimate goal is to provide a platform for the dissemination of high-quality scientific research, and we welcome all contributions that further this objective.

How to publish an article:

Step 1

Author registration

To ensure proper categorization of submitted articles, authors are required to complete a questionnaire on our website. This process will help us accurately determine the scientific section of the journal where the article should be published.

Step 2

Article review

Once the author has completed the questionnaire, they can submit their article for review. The review process typically takes between one hour and one day, depending on the current workload of the editorial board and independent experts.

Step 3

Payment for publication

Once an article is accepted for publication, the author will receive information on the payment process. Payment can be made through the journal's website or via bank transfer using the details provided by the journal's secretary. The author is required to send a copy of the payment receipt as proof of payment.

Published an article in the journal, you get:

  • Open access
    The journal provides open access to all published articles, ensuring that readers can freely access and read them. This approach promotes the dissemination of research findings and supports the free exchange of information in the scientific community.
  • Copyright
    Authors retain the copyright to their work, and we offer a flexible copyright policy that allows authors to use and distribute their work as they see fit. Additionally, we take steps to protect authors’ copyright and legal information.
  • Visibility and Citation
    Articles published in the journal will be indexed and archived on major online databases, search engines, and indexes to ensure maximum visibility and reach. This will enhance the visibility and citation of the author’s work and contribute to the advancement of science.