Dear colleagues!

We invite you to publish scientific works in the new issue of the journal “Annali d’Italia”

Schedule for admission to the next issue of the journal

  • Acceptance of materials for publication: 03/17/2023
  • Sending e-journals: 03/25/2023
  • Submission of print journals: 03/28/2023

All articles are assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

Stages of publication of the article:

Author registration

The author needs to fill out a questionnaire on our website. This is necessary to more accurately determine the scientific section of the journal in which the article will be posted.

Article review

After filling in the questionnaire, the author sends the article for review. The review process can take from one hour to one day, depending on the load of members of the editorial board and independent experts

Payment for publication

After receiving information about the admission of the article to publication, the author must pay for the publication on the site, or with the help of bank details, which will be sent by the journals secretary and send a copy of the payment receipt.

Scientific sections of the journal:

  • Architecture
  • Biological sciences
  • Veterinary science
  • Arts
  • Historical sciences
  • Cultural sciences
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Medical sciences
  • Earth sciences
  • Pedagogical sciences
  • Political sciences
  • Psychological sciences
  • Agricultural sciences
  • Social sciencies
  • Technical science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Physical sciences
  • Philological sciences
  • Philosophical Sciences
  • Chemical sciences
  • Economic sciences
  • Jurisprudence